Peace begins with me…




Did you ever wonder what a doula actually is? Or what a doula does?

Are you pregnant and wanting to have YOUR perfect birth, one that leaves you feeling empowered, supported, educated, and AT PEACE with YOUR specific unique situation?

Do you want to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and birth experience and not have to worry about the details when it comes time for “labor day”?

Do you want your partner to be able to focus on you and also be supported, confident in the experience because he or she has someone to tag team with, to ask questions to and get knowledgeable, evidence-based information on the spot?




Are you a parent struggling with raising your child(ren) in a way that doesn’t quite fit you and your family?

Are you tired of yelling and losing your cool?

Do you KNOW deep inside that hitting or spanking are not the answer and don’t feel right for you?

Do you want to deepen your connection with your child and have the kind of relationship where they feel safe to come to you and tell you everything, even the “scary, uh-oh, I’m gonna be in trouble for this” stuff?

martha & felix_52


Are you struggling with knowing you were destined for something other than you are experiencing RIGHT NOW?

Do you feel like you get glimpses of the reality you want to live in, but it somehow keeps slipping away from your grasp?


Photo by Meghan Nesom 

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